5 tips to make your Wedding Day Stress-free!

We all know that planning and preparing for the most special day of your life can be quite stressful. There are so many things you need to focus on that you might begin to feel overwhelmed. And since we want you to avoid that at all costs, we will give you a handful of tips on making your wedding day stress free!

1. Hire a planner

There’s no better decision you can make than hiring a planner for the day. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, they will take care of every important thing and ensure that you have a stress free wedding experience.

2. Book vendors you trust

It’s important that the vendors you book are people whom you can trust. Make sure to talk with them beforehand and pick those which make you feel comfortable and confident with them.

3. Do a first look

Many couples struggle with expressing their emotions in front of all their guests. Doing a first look is a great way to ease up the tension and wedding anxiety before walking down the aisle.

4. Follow your timeline

Prepare a timeline of how you expect your day to unravel and follow it closely. This will prevent undesirable situations and ensure your wedding day is stress-free.

5. Be present!

Last but not least, you should be present in every situation. We know that this can be quite hard, with the whole whirl of activities going on, but it’s essential so that you can create some fond memories. Stop worrying about whether everything is well-taken care of, and enjoy each moment as it comes.

We hope you’ll follow our tips and make your wedding day stress free!

Photography by Sam iijo – Italian American Cultural Society

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