Wedding Reception Uplighting

Elevate the atmosphere of your wedding venue by incorporating elegant and warm uplighting! Our wedding DJs can add a touch of drama and sophistication throughout your venue with a warm enchanting glow. Uplighting rentals can glow in a vertical or diagonal direction in the colors you choose. They can match your unique wedding color palette and complement the ambiance. We can also position them according to your wishes, such as under the head table, to enhance the atmosphere. With a combination of creativity, imagination, and sophistication, we will create a strikingly beautiful event that will be remembered for years to come.

Uplighting Can Transform Any Space!

We adore everything glowing! The ideal option to match your room to your reception decor or theme is to have it up-lit with LED hues. Uplights give your venue extra atmosphere, depth, and feel. We highlight columns, backlight trees, glam up entrances, indicate the dance floor, and accentuate the stage with our cordless LED uplights. To add some variety to your night, our completely wireless uplights may be adjusted to different colors and settings at any moment. You can pick from the entire color spectrum, including amber and UV blacklight. Static, fades, and sound-activated party mode are all available as settings. We can alter the environment throughout your event to evoke various moods and themes.

Our lighting transforms the space, enhancing the experience and going above and beyond the expectations of both you and your visitors. Whether you want to give your special day a nightclub vibe or a clean, minimalist look, the top rated wedding DJs at Chime Entertainment can help.

Pick Your Ideal Color Combination

Our experienced, professional wedding DJs can tailor our lighting design to make your wedding special with the help of color combinations and customizable adjustments to ensure your wedding is exactly what you want.  Schedule a call with us today to discuss your renting uplighting for your wedding!