Chime Entertainment Story – Wedding DJ Crafting Tunes for Unforgettable Memories

We have built Chime Entertainment on the idea of creating one-of-a-kind wedding DJ experiences to transport couples into their own world of love through melodies. We believe that with a carefully crafted music journey, every bride and groom will be able to have the celebration of their dreams. Wedding music has the power to transform any reception into an extraordinary one and create the love story they have always imagined. 

We do not refer to ourselves as an ordinary wedding DJ company when we talk about our work. No. We are music enthusiasts! And we have a mission – to provide epic and unforgettable memories through tunes. By doing that, we want to give couples the atmosphere they always dreamed of for their big day. Simply put, we want everyone to have the time of their life and remember it for the rest of their days!

But how did it all start? To be honest, as an owner of Chime Entertainment, I have always felt a great love for celebrations and DJing. Back in 2014, during my freshman year at Saginaw Valley State University, I stumbled into the world of DJing. It all started with formals and class dances, just something fun to do on the side. Then, I did not know that that was just the beginning. Fast forward to 2016, and I found myself spinning tracks at weddings, and all I can say is that I fell head over heels for the wedding scene! I have been a member of Bee Entertainment for five years. For couples who were getting married, the weekend was devoted to setting up special moments. Post-college, I took a detour into the world of mortgages, spending three years underwriting at Rocket Mortgage. Because of the increase in interest rates and a lack of financial resources to work with, life went out of control in May 2022. However, fate had its way. The same week I got the bad news, I dialed up Bryan(owner of Bee) and told him I was ready to wrap up the 2022 season with him and start my own wedding entertainment company. Sometimes, you have to get out of your comfort zone, and for me, that meant putting more emphasis on how passionate I am about weddings.

We have been known as Chime Entertainment wedding DJs for more than a year and have enjoyed every minute of it. We adore our couples, and we work hard to help them create the celebration they desire. Our main principle is to achieve astonishing results through communication. That said, we have a golden rule: communicating with the couple until they are completely satisfied with our services. We understand how important it is for each bride and groom to make their dream come true, so we go above and beyond until we reach perfection!

What makes Chime Entertainment unique is that we completely understand what couples want. Our experience has taught us that it is not about the professional skills we need to show off at a particular wedding. On the contrary, it is about the couple. They are beginning their next chapter and have chosen you to add music for unforgettable memories. So, every song we choose and how we curate the playlist depends entirely on their wedding planning preferences and story! This means each and every experience with us is unique, as no two couples are the same.

We were lucky enough to celebrate with many couples and look forward to our next wedding DJ adventures. Interested to see what we can bring to your own big day? Feel free to ask whatever you wish to know, and we will be happy to answer and bring your vision to reality!  

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Photography by @evandavieswed – MSU Horticulture Garden Weddings & Events, Lansing MI

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