Planning an Outdoor Wedding?

There is something incredible and truly romantic about hosting an outdoor wedding! The beauty of rocky oceans, lush green hills, and romantic botanical gardens make the day unforgettable. But as gorgeous as these places are, a significant amount of work and planning goes into making a perfect celebration. So, if you are planning an outdoor wedding but don’t know where to begin, worry not; we are here to help. We have compiled useful tips to guide you in pulling off stunning outdoor ceremonies.

  • Planning budget

Setting aside a specific budget before planning an outdoor wedding is essential. Why? Because during the planning process, it is easier to get sidetracked and go off the plan. So, set aside specific budget limits in advance and keep track of the expenditure.

  • Be ready with plan B

A contingency plan should always be in place in case of bad weather. Therefore, discuss with your wedding planner and venue what arrangements they have if it rains. This is another reason why hiring a planner is essential, as they can coordinate amongst the vendors, such as a florist and musicians, so that you can enjoy the day without additional stress.

In addition, tents are in great demand, so reserving one in advance is a good idea. You may cancel it later if the weather looks good.

  • Be mindful of the wardrobe.

Appropriate attire should also be included on your outdoor wedding checklist, especially when planning a beach or a mountain wedding. For example, if it is a beach wedding, keep your outfits light and breezy. Alternatively, warm and cozy is the way to go if you’re planning an outdoor wedding where temperatures are lower. These little things can make a huge difference, and you can notify your guests about the same.

  • Hire an experienced planner.

Many venues provide wedding coordination and planning assistance. But if you have opted for a venue without such support, you may consider hiring a wedding planner. An experienced planner can help smooth out the details and overall logistics for the day so you can enjoy the special day of your life without any stress.

  • Consider the time of the year.

When you are planning an outdoor wedding, time is of the essence. For instance, if you plan a mountain wedding, you need to consider the season because the older guests might be unable to tolerate the cold weather.

  • Protecting guests from the sun

Most venues have areas that are not shaded. So look for a ceremony or reception under the trees or where it is easier to provide shade to the guests. You may consider bringing in umbrellas or creating shaded areas using shade cloths.

  • Keep guests hydrated

If the temperature is scorching, adding water bottles to your outdoor wedding checklist is a must You can also opt for a beverage station with watermelon-infused water or fresh iced tea.

  • Bring first aid kits.

If you have planned a wedding at a far-off location, consider bringing a first aid kit and make sure your staff has access to it. It would be helpful in case someone gets hurt.

  • Keep guests warm

When temperatures are cool, comfort is the key to letting your guests have quality time. Therefore, make arrangements for heat lamps and blankets to keep everyone warm. You can also offer hot chocolate or warm drinks for a warm touch – all unique additions when hosting your wedding outside!

  • Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any wedding and becomes all the more important when you are hosting it outdoors. Proper lighting sets the mood, creates ambiance, and highlights the venue’s beauty. So make sure to consider the time of the day when your wedding is taking place. There’s an array of lighting options to include in your outdoor wedding ideas, so go all out with your creativity!

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