Tips on Choosing The Best Wedding Reception Playlist!

Music has the incredible power to take you back to a significant moment in time, causing a whirlwind of emotions. Since you want to make your wedding as memorable as possible, choosing the songs that will play at your reception is not a task that should be taken lightly. However, with over 100 million songs at your disposal, it’s no wonder you’re having a hard time creating the perfect wedding reception playlist!
Luckily, you have a team of professionals in your corner to help you out! We’ve rounded up some tips to help you with your wedding song selection. Unlike many other aspects revolving around your celebration, you have a lot more freedom to choose. However, you should still pay attention to a few things

1.Create A Must-Play List
It’s most likely you and your loved one have certain songs that scream volumes about your one-of-a-kind relationship. Naturally, they must be part of your wedding reception playlist! Just don’t fill it up with heart-wrenching ballads. The wedding songs you choose need to evoke tears of joy – not the other way around!

2. Add Your Personality
You can never go wrong with crowd-pleasers. But can you count how many times you’ve heard ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars at weddings? Yeah, a lot. With that in mind, to ensure you have the best wedding playlist, add your favorite tunes into the mix, even if they’re not record-breaking hits. Your DJ will know how to mix them perfectly. You’ll only need to have the time of your life!

3. Genre Diversity
Whenever couples wonder how to make a wedding playlist, they usually get stumped when deciding which genres to feature. Pop and alternative rock(Mr. Brightside) songs are foolproof choices, but you should also remember that some of your guests might want to tear down the dance floor to some Baby Got Back and Doja Cat! For that reason, sprinkle a little bit of everything in your wedding reception playlist, but ensure not to overdo it. Stick to your favorite genre and add a few options to get the crowd going. We love taking your friends’ requests to keep the energy high!
When creating your wedding reception playlist, always go with what you want to play, but pay mind to your guests as well. If you feel like you’re at a dead end, turn to us! Considering we’ve DJ’d at countless celebrations of love, we have many suggestions you’ll surely enjoy!

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Photography by @cd_leland – Twin Gables Event Center Sturgis, MI

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