Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Sparkler Send-off!

The sparkler send-off is a wonderful and whimsical way to cap off a beautiful wedding reception! But did you know a lot of planning is involved in making this send-off a success? To help you nail the grand exit perfectly, we have compiled a list of essential tips!

Invest in good quality and long-lasting sparklers

Buy long-burning sparklers that are specially designed for weddings. This is because if you buy shorter ones, they may burn quickly. Therefore we recommended getting sparklers that are at least 36 inches. Bigger sparklers burn for a long duration, and you get more time to enjoy. Plus, your photographer gets longer to capture fantastic images!

Choose Smokeless Wedding Sparklers

Smoke can easily ruin the mood of the exit. It is, therefore, essential to purchase only smokeless sparklers. It will help ensure that the sparkler sends off photos are clear and beautiful.

How to Choose the Best Lighters for Wedding Sparklers?

Don’t forget lighters for Send offs

There will be no point in giving your guests sparklers if they need to run around looking for lighters. Therefore, you can buy a pack of disposable lighters to hand out immediately to all of them!

Avoid the Use of Matches
We recommend avoiding using matches as they require both hands to light and are highly inconsistent. Sparklers take a few seconds to light, while with matches, it can be difficult and frustrating.

Traditional Lighters Vs. Grill Lighters
Traditional lighters are slightly better than matches, but they, too, can be inconsistent if not used correctly. Sparklers burn at a high temperature, so lighting with traditional lighters can be dangerous. That being said, the best solution is the grill lighter – it will keep your hands safe and allow you to keep the flame lit longer.

Setting Up Sparkler Display Table
Wondering how you can display them beautifully and creatively? Here are the best ways you can choose!

  • One of the easiest and universal options is putting them in centerpieces.
  • Insert them into sparkler holders. Special decorative holders are available for this purpose, and you can also get them customized in the color and style of your choice.
  • Another option is displaying them in metal buckets near the entrance of the reception venue with details or instructions. That way, everyone would know when and where they are supposed to be.

Choose a Sparkler Send-Off Song

Do you have sparklers, lighters, and iconic display ideas ready? Great! But how about the music? Talk with your wedding DJ and choose the perfect song for the sparkler send-off because it will set the mood for the final farewell and the epic beginnings ahead!

Hire a professional Photographer

Wouldn’t you want this magical moment to be captured so you can cherish it for years? Wedding sparklers send-offs are challenging to photograph, so hiring an experienced photographer who can ensnare the moment flawlessly is essential.

Keep these tips in mind when planning a sparkler send-off and when the day arrives, just enjoy it! As A Michigan wedding DJ, we will coordinate with you and your photographer to ensure your send-off goes as smoothly as planned!

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Photography by Girl With The Tattoos Jess – Detroit Whiskey Factory

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