Want to include your pet at your wedding? Here are 4 tips!

You are about to say “I do”, but you do not want to do it without your furry friend. Your dog or cat is a family member, so it is not strange to want to be part of your big day. Plus, a pet at your wedding can make your celebration unique and memorable! 

Therefore, here are some tips that can help you include your faithful companion as part of your wedding. 

  • Set realistic expectations 

If you want to have a pet at your wedding, you cannot expect them to behave like the rest of your wedding party. Your cat or dog cannot be your bridesmaid or groomsman, so do not hope they will behave as you have imagined. Therefore, if your furry friend cannot sit still or you believe that they will disturb your guests, then include them just in your bridal portraits. 

  • Dressing up can be fun 

When you decide to include a pet in your wedding, getting creative is a must. Since you will treat them as your guest, why not dress them up? Cute clothes for your pet can make your bridal portraits unique and amusing! 

  • Have your pet at the altar by your side 

If you want to make your big day really authentic, you can have your companion stand next to you as you begin the next chapter of your love story. This can be fun and give you exciting pet wedding photos. However, make sure that your friend can stand calm. The ceremony should be about you and your partner, not about the cuteness of your pet! 

  • Ensure that your guests will be comfortable 

Not everyone feels comfortable around pets. People may like animals but do not like being near them. And this is something you cannot fight with. So, if your guests are uncomfortable, you may need a pet sitter to ensure your dog or cat is not left unaccompanied.

Having a pet at your wedding is a great idea as long as you consider everything. Feel free to add some joy to your union, but ensure that you plan every aspect accordingly. Hopefully, these tips will help you have a smooth celebration! 

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Photography by Viridian Ivy – City View Event Center, Toledo OH     

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