Why is your Wedding DJ the most important Vendor?

When it comes to planning your big day, selecting wedding vendors is an important decision that can be stressful. Choosing the right professional for your event can make or break your day, so finding someone who can seamlessly execute what you are looking for is essential! 

Many clients often ask whether it’s important to hire a DJ – true, you may think that wedding DJs and entertainment are not at the top of your list. However, here are a few reasons why a DJ is THE wedding vendor you should hire for your day.

Wedding DJ sets Mood for the Evening

Music brings everything together and makes the whole event feel genuine and candid. An experienced and skillful DJ knows which song to play to hype all your guests and make the day feel authentic right from when everyone arrives. They will ask you a couple of things about your favorite tracks, style of music, and other in-depth questions to get a sense of how to express your love story through the music.

Adaptability as per the sequence of the events

Often it is hard to predict whether everything will go as planned. If the schedule is running behind or ahead, a DJ that is flexible and relaxed can keep the night running smooth. Assigning this job to a pro takes all the stress off the couple and anyone present during the wedding.

Helps Maintain the Flow of your Day

A wedding DJ is more than an MC for your day. They can play a big role in maintaining the flow of your wedding and perfecting your timeline. A professional DJ can unfold your timeline and inform the guests about the relevant information throughout the evening. 

Knows How to Keep the Crowd Together

Some couples choose not to have a DJ and instead pick their uncle Joe who DJed back in his day to play the music. It can work, however we have heard horror stories from wedding venues of the friend DJ who joined in on the fun being tipsy running the wedding.. Let’s just say it doesn’t work in every situation, especially during the prime time of your reception when the guests are willing to hit the dance floor and party hard. In such circumstances, only a skilled and professional DJ can help you by reading the audience and delivering precisely what is needed at the moment.

Lets You Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Your wedding DJ will ensure your day runs seamlessly and according to the schedule. A pro will allow you to enjoy your day fully and not worry about anything. When you have the wedding DJ, you don’t have to think about when the toasts will start and remember in which order they will flow. All you have to do is enjoy this memorable time with your partner and loved ones and make it a night you will never forget. 

These are some of the reasons why we feel the DJ is an important wedding vendor you cannot afford to ignore. Your wedding DJ can truly make all the difference and pull off a spectacular experience in a way that no other form of entertainment does.

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Photography by CDluxx – North Lake Weddings + Events, Berrien Springs, Michigan

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